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Train Chinese pronunciation using automatically graded flashcards

Learn vocab and pronunciation at the same time using interactive audio flashcards.

YiYa user interface

What is YiYa

YiYa is a flashcard app that uses speech recognition to automatically grade your cards. Instead of you manually grading cards, YiYa gives you a score based on how well you pronounce the target word or phrase.

YiYa is made specifically for people who remember spoken words more easily than their pinyin spellings. If you can't explicitly recall the tone of a word, but can speak it perfectly, then this app is for you!

YiYa respects your privacy and your focus, so the app collects no personal data and does not contain ads.

Getting Started

Once you have the app, it's easy to start learning:
  1. Optionally, import existing vocab from your other apps in Pleco format.
  2. Navigate to the Speaking activity.
  3. Press the microphone button and say the word (or ask for a hint, if you need it).
  4. Do that a few more times until you feel accomplished.
  5. Start on a new word list, or come back in a day to review the vocab you found most challenging.